Brother Clarence "The Godfather" Christian

kappa beta History:

It was in the Fall of 1974 when Brother Clarence Christian recognized a vital need in the Mississippi community. He understood the necessity for strong leadership, encouragement, and scholastic aptitude among blacks at Mississippi State University. With the inspiring legacy of Alpha Phi Alpha embedded deep within his heart. Brother Christian called upon nine young promising students with a great capacity to lead and learn to answer the call of a hungry society. Called to leadership, these young men known as the "Fine Line Nine", chartered an outstanding chapter that would serve as part of a national organization that has been at the forefront of leadership since 1906.

Thus, the Kappa Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was born. Driven by a desire to further themselves in a society still suffering from the remnants of a societal decay, known as racial bigotry and segregation, they immediately became leaders within their community, and created their own legacy that continues to prosper to this day.